preschoolScreeningsFOR CHILDREN 3 – 5 YEARS ***

Sugar-Salem School District #322 is offering this clinic at no charge. This screening will take place on:

Monday, May 2, from 8:00 – 11:00 A.M. at Central Elementary School in Sugar City



If you have concerns about your child’s development in the following areas:

  •  Speech/Language – Is your child’s speech hard to understand, Does he/she have a hard time understanding what is said to him/her.
  •  Hearing – Does your child respond when spoken to, or is able to understand oral instructions or information when given.
  •  Cognitive – Does your child have a hard time learning and remembering colors, shapes, and sizes; answering questions, retelling basic facts after hearing a story, or recalling an event that just happened.
  •  Social/Emotional – Does your child seem to lack the ability to play well with other children, share and respect rights of others, or cope with teasing or criticism.
  •  Adaptive/Self-Help – Does your child have a short attention span; is unable to dress him or herself (do buttons, zippers, snaps); or care for own toileting and hand washing needs.
  •  Gross/Fine Motor – Does your child have difficulty balancing, hopping, jumping, using alternate feet on stairs, catching a ball, fastening clothing, cutting with scissors, or holding and manipulating small objects.

and you would like to have your child tested, you may contact the school for an appointment. Children, who qualify, MAY receive special preschool services.

Please contact the school at 356-9351, ask for Janet Anderson or JoAnn Clark.

***Children must live within Sugar-Salem District boundaries.

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