Kershaw Intermediate Supply List

24 – #2 pencils
2 red marking pens
2 black marking pens
1 fine tipped black sharpie
1 ultra fine tipped black sharpie
8 pencil cap erasers
2 pink pearl erasers
1 ruler
1 1” white binder (vinyl view)
2 college ruled 70 ct. notebooks
2 reams of college ruled filler paper (150 ct.)
6 paper pocket folders without prongs (plain colored)
1 box 24 ct. Crayola crayons (4th and 5th grade only)
1 box 12 ct. Crayola colored pencils
1 Lg. glue stick
1 bottle 8oz. Elmer’s school glue
1 pkg. washable markers 8 ct. Crayola Classic (4th and 5th grade only)
1 pair of student scissors
1 insertable tab dividers (clear set of 6)
1 Lg. box facial tissue

A note from Mr. Williams:

Traditionally, Kershaw Intermediate School has provided all school supplies, materials, and covered the cost of school activities throughout the school year for the cost of $25/student.  We have been directed to no longer require a $25 student activity fee that would have paid for these supplies.  Because this change in protocol came after we had purchased in bulk this school year’s school supplies, we are hoping that parents will donate $25 per student to help cover the cost of the supplies already purchased.  If your preference would be to purchase your own child’s supplies for this school year, please use the supply list to determine which supplies you will purchase.