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Weather-Related School Closure Policy

In the event of cold temperatures, or blowing and drifting snow creating a dangerous situation for students, the Transportation Supervisor will obtain a report from available school district bus drivers, and/or County Road and Bridge. He will notify the superintendent by 5:30 a.m. with a recommendation for or against school closure. The Superintendent, in conjunction with School Board Members, will make the determination to continue with, or close school, before 6:00 a.m. if possible. An effort will be made to inform all Board members of each school closure.

It should be noted that there are occasions when blowing and drifting snow, or cold temperatures occur closely to the start of school or even during the school day after the decision has been made to continue with school.

Cold temperatures and/or low visibility conditions near the start of school:

Buses will continue to transport students to school. It is considered more safe to bring students to school than return home to the possibility of an empty home and/or parents who are unaware of the closure.

Cold temperatures and/or low visibility conditions during the school day:

If it appears that county snow plows will continue to operate, and roads are reasonably passable, students will be transported home. Parents will be notified following the procedures below. If it appears that snowplows are not keeping the roads clear, or if they appear to be impassable, students will be kept in school until the roads are clear enough to safely send students home. In this case, if parents choose to pick up their child they may do so at their discretion. If students are kept at school staff will be asked to stay and help supervise.

The following factors will be considered when making a decision to close school:

  1. A significant portion of the district with temperatures at or below -20 F (or – 45 F including the wind chill).
  2. Blowing and/or drifting snow such that bus travel becomes hazardous.
  3. Indications from County Road and Bridge that snowplows will not be operating due to snowy conditions.
  4. Indications that dangerous conditions are forthcoming and that a hazardous situation may develop if students are brought to, or kept at, school.


In the event of school closure district staff will be notified via the district text messaging system.


Patrons will be notified in three different ways.

  1. Radio and television stations will be notified..
  2. Notice will also be posted on the district website.
  3. An email will be sent to all patrons who are on the district email list.


On days when school has been closed due to cold weather or snowy conditions activities may be held when weather permits. This includes athletic, drama, or other activities. Decisions of this nature will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Principal and/or Athletic/Activities Director in conjunction with the Superintendent.

It should also be noted that we make every effort to NOT send students home early on any school day. When we send students home early there are often no parents or guardians available for supervision and in some cases children are not able to get into their homes. This may create a more dangerous situation than keeping students in school until parents or guardians are able to pick them up.

Questions can be directed to building principals or to the district office.