Check your powerschool lunch balance banner image.

The school lunch program has adopted the Powerschool App to use to track lunch balances. For those of you who already have the Powerschool App for other purposes, you can use the existing app to find information on your students’ lunch balance. If you don’t have the app, download the Powerschool App with the logo shown from the app store of your device, then follow the instructions below to find your lunch balance.

When first opening the app, you will be asked for a district code. Our district code is:


From there, you will log in with the same username and password you have been using for the Powerschool website. If you do not know that username and/or password, please contact the secretary at your child’s school.

Next, you will reach the dashboard. To access some of the menu options you will need, tap the dots shown in the picture below:

Those dots will open up a menu. There are several options of what you can access there. If your school uses it, you can see announcements for the school from this menu, attendance information, and more. However, the menu item that now functions for lunch balances is the Fees/Meals item.

Once you have tapped on the Fees/Meals option, you will be taken to another screen of the app which will allow you to see more information. One tab is labeled “Fee Information” and the other is labeled “Meal Information”. If you click the “Meal Information” tab then you will be able to view any deposits you’ve made, the current balance, and which days your child has been charged for a meal, as in the picture below.

There you have it! If for some reason you feel like there is an error either in a missing deposit or in times that your student has been charged for lunch and should not have been, please contact the school lunch office.