Mr. Garner Makes a Difference

Rich Garner has taught in Sugar Salem School District for approximately twenty-one years. He teaches 6th grade at Kershaw Intermediate His influence has been felt by many students and families. To learn more, read the following:

Debbi Kinghorn writes:

Mrs. Garner makes a great difference in our district. He is dedicated to passing on his knowledge to his students. He is able to develop a good relationship with them and expects and receives courtesy in communication and interactions. He takes a personal interest in each student, not just those in his homeroom but those in the other sixth grade classes as well. He has high academic expectations of the students and they respect him and are willing to step up and meet his expectations. He acknowledges the budding independence of sixth grade students and encourages them to think for themselves, and to be accountable for their own behavior. He helps them prepare for the increased demands of Junior High and High School.

One of Mr. Garner’s trademark activities for his sixth graders is Etiquette Day, held around Valentine’s Day. Students are coached on social etiquette and table manners. Boys and girls are partnered and then given an opportunity to practice their manners. They are expected to dress up and act respectfully as they participate in a delightful dinner party.

He also recognizes the birthdays of his homeroom students by leading the class in The Happy Birthday Song, and by gifting the birthday student with a soda pop–hidden somewhere in the room. Summer birthdays are not forgotten!

Mr. Garner is also a dedicated coach, working with the Junior High Cross Country and Track teams. He puts in countless extra hours as a coach with practices and meets. He knows each athlete’s capability and pushes him or her to reach his/her potential. He takes time to talk with each member of his teams individually to recognize success and progress, and to strategize improvement. He helps each team member to feel valued and important.

“Mr. Garner is my favorite teacher because he is really nice.”
“Mr. Garner is a great teacher. He is really good with kids.”
“I liked Etiquette Day. It taught us how to treat girls properly. It taught us how to eat properly and be respectful.”
“He believes in all of the kids on the team, even those who don’t run as fast. He can really motivate us to do our best.”
“Seventh Grade was easy!”

Thanks for making a difference in the lives of our students!

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