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Sugar-Salem School District is proposing a $5.59 million bond, to be paid off in five years and a $200,000 levy to run for two years. The vote will occur May 16th, 2017 from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Voting Locations:

Fremont County

Egin LDS Church
Plano LDS Church
Wilford LDS Church
Fremont County Courthouse

Madison County

Salem LDS Church
School District Office
Sugar City Fire Station
Newdale City Building

How else can these projects be funded?

Bonds and levies are currently the most common way to secure the funding we need to complete needed construction and maintenance to address current and future needs in the district; however, changes in how our state funds schools could make bonds and levies unnecessary. If you would like to contact your legislature to request more funding for schools, contact information for the Public School Funding committee members and our local legislators are below.


Representative Ronald Nate
2139 Ferris Lane, Rexburg, 83440
Home (208) 403-3609

Representative Dell Raybould
3215 N. 2000 W., Rexburg, 83440
Home (208) 356-6837


Senator Brent Hill
1010 S. 2nd East, Rexburg, 83440
Home (208) 356-7495

Public School Funding Committee:

Representative Wendy Horman
1860 Heather Circle, Idaho Falls, 83406
Home (208) 522-4387

Representative Sage Dixon
P.O. Box 206, Ponderay, 83852
Home (208) 610-4800

Representative John McCrostie
7820 W. Riverside Drive, Garden City, 83714
Home (208) 440-8317

Representative Julie VanOrden
425 S. 1100 W., Pingree, 83262
Home (208) 684-4052

Representative Scott Bedke
P.O. Box 89, Oakley, 83346
Home (208) 862-3619

Senator Chuck Winder
5528 N. Ebbetts Avenue, Boise, 83713
Home (208) 853-9090

Senator Clifford Bayer
592 E. Saint Kitts Drive, Meridian, 83642
Home (208) 362-5058

Senator Dean Mortimer
7403 S. 1st East, Idaho Falls, 83404
Home (208) 528-6377

Senator Janie Ward-Engelking
3578 S. Crosspoint Avenue, Boise, 83706
Home (208) 385-9564

Senator Lori Den Hartog
P.O. Box 267, Meridian, 83680
Home (208) 779-2022

We’d appreciate your support and contact made with any of our legislators to improve the funding situation of the school district!

Bond/Levy Information For Patrons

The Board of Trustees will hold informational meetings at Sugar-Salem High School on March 29, 2017, and again on April 20, 2017. These meetings will be held in the auditorium at 7:00 PM. Meetings in Salem, Newdale, and Plano are yet to be scheduled.

Levy funds would be used to help fund maintenance items as well as fill needed staffing concerns.

The Board has been working for months on a solution to the annual increase in student population. The Board has reviewed many possible solutions, evaluating each by how it would impact patrons and solve the problem of imminent overcrowding. They have concluded that the best solution is to build seven additional classrooms and a new multi-purpose/lunch room at Sugar-Salem Junior High. Although these would be built on the junior high campus, they would be unattached to the current building, which will allow for greater instructional flexibility in the short term and greater architectural flexibility in the long term. Since Kershaw Intermediate is experiencing overcrowding as well, the Board plans to move the sixth grade into five of the new classrooms at the junior high, thus freeing up space at Kershaw. The other two classrooms will be used by the junior high to offset its overcrowding issues. The proposed new construction at the junior high is designed to accommodate a second story. When increased enrollment dictates, more classrooms could be added, thus meeting our districts’ future needs.

The proposed construction at the junior high would come at a cost of approximately $4.5 million. The remaining $1.4 million requested in the bond would be used to improve outdated and failing heating systems around the district as well as other maintenance and technology needs.

It is notable that with the passage of both the bond and levy our partron’s tax rate will decrease. The district will retire the current bond before levying for the new one. The cost for each $100,000 of assessed property value will be $33.71 per month or $404.50 per year. With the current homeowner’s exemption of approximately $100,000 (which is actually the lesser of 50% of the assessed value or $100,000) the actual amount of your taxes could be less than $33.71 per month or $404.50 per year.

* The calculator for property taxes takes into account the planned bond and the homeowners exemption. The value of the homeowners exemption has changed year-to-year for the last several years. The homeowner’s exemption deducts from the assessed value of your home for property tax purposes, subtracting 50% of the value of your house or the value of the exemption, whichever is smaller.
Over the last five years, the homeowners exemption amounts have been the amounts below:
2016 – $94745
2015 – $89580
2014 – $83920
2013 – $81000
2012 – $83974
The proposed bond would maintain the assessment per $100,000 from the previous bond, but property tax assessments for those who claim the homeowner’s exemption will see a decrease in their property tax assessment due to the rise in the homeowners exemption.
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