Ms. Johnson Makes a Difference

This is Tanya Johnson’s thirty-first year teaching at Sugar-Salem High School. She clearly has a love and passion for mathematics. For years, she has held after-school study sessions for Math students who are struggling. She makes a difference in the success of her students who affectionately call her Miss J.

Read student comments below.
Sophie Venema writes:
Miss J is one of the most committed teachers on campus. She is always so willing to help her students and share her intelligence with them. She truly has the kids’ best interests at heart.

Brooke writes:
I love how committed Miss J is to her students and their education. She is really helpful for the students who struggle with math—like I did. She is an excellent teacher!

McCaslin Copley writes:
Miss J has been amazing help to me. She is always there to help me understand what is being taught and will put in extra time to help me. I love being in her class and know she will go out of her way to help me learn. She definitely puts students’ learning first; I know that is most important in school. She has taught me so much in the past three years, and I really appreciate all she does. Thank you!

Benjamin Moser writes:
She teaches very well. For me, she made learning Calculus easier than I thought would be possible.

Way to go Miss J! We love and appreciate your devotion to the students at Sugar-Salem High School. Thank you 

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