Partners Who Have a Positive Influence - Kathy Nielson

As they enter the building, visitors to Sugar-Salem Junior High have the pleasure of an enthusiastic “Hello” and a welcoming smile from Mrs. Kathy Nielson, our office secretary. Mrs. Nielson has been helping junior high students work through their myriad of daily problems for more than 20 years. Her positivity and understanding of the needs of this age group is a huge asset to the junior high students, teachers, and parents.
Mrs. Nielson’s professional colleagues understand her value as evidenced by a few of their comments:

Mrs. Nielson is the master of all “little” things that make a huge difference. She can often be found at lunch taking pictures of students enjoying lunchtime together so that she can post the pictures on our screen inside the school and students can see themselves and their friends.
Kathy is so organized and efficient! I have always marveled at how much she can accomplish, and all with a big smile. She is also very thoughtful about making sure we all feel cared for and important. We are very blessed to have her in our school!

Mrs. Nielson is a problem solver, exhibits kindness to all, has a great sense of humor, and maintains a very positive attitude. She has the ability to listen to students and staff, determine what is really being communicated, assist in logically solving any issue, and she can remain calm during a crisis. She makes everyone feel important.

She’s always cheerful and happy, which I think really helps to set the mood here at the school.

Junior high students also express some thoughts on the positive influence Mrs. Nielson is:
Mrs. Nielson helped me find my classes when I started 7th grade

Mrs. Nielson is always so kind and giving. She jumps at the chance to help kids.

Mrs. Nielson is always smiling and ready to help anyone who needs it.

Mrs. Nielson makes a difference she is always smiling and willing to help.

Thanks for helping out me schedule when the counselor was busy. Your personality is always so happy and can make anyone’s day.

Mrs. Nielson always smiles at me when I walk in and asks how I’m doing.

Thank you Mrs. Nielson for all the good work you do.

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