Partners who have a positive influence. Melanie McDonald.

Melanie McDonaldStaff Member: Melanie McDonald
Years in District: 12 years

Ms. Melanie, as she is known by students in the district, has become a reliable employee. She has worked in many positions while she has been employed in the district. She has worked in the Preschool Program, as well as at Central and Kershaw as a one-on-one paraprofessional. Mrs. McDonald is currently our OT/PT Therapy Para Specialist. She helps provide therapy services to students under the direction of our contract therapist Paul Dye. Mr. Dye has indicated that she is a caring, self-directed employee who is reliable in her job responsibilities. She has a big heart and wants to see the students be successful. Logan says that “Ms. Melanie has fun activities. The best is basketball.” Sam says that “She is good and the hand writing is easier than in his language arts class.”

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