Mrs. Miller Makes a Difference

Shanna Miller

This is Shanna Miller’s twenty-ninth year of teaching at Central Elementary. She is currently teaching the 2nd Grade. She is a terrific asset to our students, parents, and staff. Many parents want their child to be in Mrs. Miller’s class. Hers is a win-win situation; everyone loves her and her students perform well academically.

Read what students have to say below:

Student 1: She teaches us good things.

Student 2: She lets us play fun math games.

Student 3: She is a really good teacher and she is nice.

Student 4: She teaches us important things.

Student 5: She reads books to us.

Student 6: She is the best teacher in the world

Mrs. Miller is the best and we hope she stays with us another twenty-nine years. Thanks for making a difference in the lives of our students!

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