Partners Who Have a Positive Influence - Karen Fogle

Karen Fogle - ImageFor Karen Fogle it’s all about connecting to people on a personal level and meeting the needs of others. Karen Fogle has been an important asset to Sugar-Salem Junior High since she accepted the librarian position in the 2010-2011 school year. Not only does Mrs. Fogle meet the individual needs of students with her library book orders, she, with the help of a small student staff, produces a full-color yearbook that would be the envy of any school. Mrs. Fogle spends many hours at after-school sporting events and student activities trying to get the best possible photographs of students showcasing their talents.

The following are comments about Mrs. Fogle from students and faculty:
Mrs. Fogle is such a great asset to our school. She and the yearbook class do an amazing job on the yearbooks, and she creates a slide show to present at the end of the year with pictures of every student. It is amazing. Anyone who enters the library feels welcome. She creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and is always so helpful.

Mrs. Fogle was super patient with me.

Mrs. Fogle is a very sweet lady and an awesome yearbook teacher and librarian. She always thinks about others before herself. Yearbook was so fun with her. I definitely recommend any new students coming into the junior high to take her class. She is such a cool teacher and easy going and fun. I loved having Mrs. Fogle as a teacher! She definitely makes a positive difference in our school.

Mrs. Fogle is amazing. She’s super patient with kids and also very helpful. She takes the time to think about what each individual student needs, and does her best to fulfill these needs. She’s super friendly and so fun to work with. Mrs. Fogle is such a great teacher.