starts with hello!

The Sugar-Salem School District Parent Advisory board has teamed with Madison Cares to implement a “Start with Hello” campaign to try to help students, families, and our community combat social isolation. This is a county wide campaign that starts Monday, February 5 – Friday, February 9.

The activities for the week are as follows:


Learn to say hello in a different language!


Give someone a sincere compliment.


Fill others’ hearts with kindness.


Wear Green! Post your pictures of your green on your social media with the hashtag #hellosugarcity! The school with the most green can win $100!


No one eats alone! Sit by someone who is alone at lunch or invite them to sit with you.

Any pictures or positive experiences can be shared on social media with the #hellosugarcity hashtag or can be e-mailed to Jessica Goudy at There will be gift card giveaways throughout the week!

Thanks for all you do, and remember that it starts with hello!