Mr. Stewart Makes a Difference

Mr. Stewart has been teaching at Sugar-Salem Junior High for 5 years. He teaches many different subjects here at the junior high, which include Science, Horticulture, Spanish, Health, and a Computers class. We appreciate Mr. Stewart’s hard work, his ability to connect with the students and his positive influence on many of the students at the Junior High. Mr. Stewart has had an impact on many students in his classes, many of the students express the followings things about him:

Mr. Stewart makes everything fun and is super smart. He can help you with all of your subjects.

“I like him because he makes you get your stuff done in a fun way.”

“He works well with students and is flexible with school work and is understanding.”

“He lets us participate in object lessons instead of just reading from the book.”

“He is very fun with all of us and makes school work easy for us to understand, if we have struggles with our school work he know how to help us.”

Thank you, Mr. Stewart, for making a difference!!

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