Mrs. Harrison Makes a Difference

Mrs. Harrison has been teaching at Kershaw for eleven years. She currently teaches 5th graders. Students appreciate her dedication and concern for each student’s success. Read student comments below:

Mrs. Harrison teaches us the importance of working hard to get good grades. She is always aware when we are struggling and gives us that extra help when we need it. I love the fun projects that are centered around the “book of the month.” The life-sized characters was my favorite project.

I like how Mrs. Harrison cheers everyone on when we do math problems on the board. She always makes up special cheers, or sings a little song. She likes to add math words to the lyrics of either current or 80’s songs.

Mrs. Harrison plays with us at recess. Jumping rope and running laps around the track are some of her favorite things to do.

Thank you, Mrs. Harrison, for making a difference!

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