Partners Who Have a Positive Influence - Charese Baker

Charese Baker has been working at Sugar-Salem High School for 9 years–two years in the ESL Program and 7 years as secretary. She truly meets the needs of the students and the faculty, and is exceptional at taking care of issues as they arise. Charese is an integral part to the smooth running of the school, and we’re certainly glad that she’s here! Below are some comments made by students about how Charese has a positive influence.

Sophie Venema said:
“Mrs. Baker is the perfect person to work in the office. She’s so kind and welcoming to everyone that enters the front doors. You can always count on her to have a smile on her face. I love spending time in the office, because my mood is immediately brightened by her. Countless times, I’ve seen her reach out to students who may feel lonely or under appreciated. She makes the school more united and keeps everything running well. Mrs. Baker’s happy and inclusive attitude is so amazing! She really makes school a great experience! ”

Sarah Coglianese said:
“Mrs. Baker always brightens my day. She is always super nice and patient with all the students. Also she has a great sense of humor and is always making me laugh. Lastly she has a great sense of style! I am so grateful that we have such an amazing secretary at the school like Mrs. Baker!”

Thank you, Mrs. Baker for having a positive influence!