Mrs. Copley Makes a Difference

Kim Copley is a teacher who makes a difference.  Mrs. Copley has taught at Sugar-Salem School High School since 2000—devoting eighteen years to the success of students in our community.  She is admired and revered for her efforts and dedication by students, parents, and faculty alike.

Read below to recognize how she creates a caring and fun learning atmosphere in her classroom!

As a member of the Yearbook Staff, we have had a lot of fun and worked very hard. She is a fun person, and we all love her!

Mrs. Copley is a fun teacher!  As I’ve worked with her in Yearbook and have come to know her better, I’ve had some really great times. She’s awesome!  And P.S. – everybody should bring her a diet Pepsi because she deserves it.

Mrs. Copley is an awesome teacher.  She genuinely cares about her students and helps the class be fun. She inspires creativity and always helps students do their best.

Thank you, Mrs. Copley, for making a difference!

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