connie dunnConnie Dunn currently teaches Physical Education at Central Elementary school. She has been a tremendous benefit to the school and the students there! Below are some quotes from students about how she has a positive influence:

Kindergarteners said:
She has super fun stuff like playing the frisbee game.
I like the scooter and jump roping and jumping jacks.

1st graders said:
Mrs. Dunn always helps us get more healthy and cool games.
Mrs. Dunn helps us do fun things. Everything is fun in PE.

2nd graders said:
Mrs. Dunn tries to let us have fun in PE and we also exercise hard.
Mrs. Dunn lets us use pedometers and it helps us have free pacer laps.
Mrs. Dunn is nice. She lets us play games.

3rd graders said:
Mrs. Dunn has made me more fit by doing exercises. She has made me faster by doing pacers. Thank you Mrs. Dunn – you’re awesome.
Mrs. Dunn is great at doing the sport games she teaches us. I hope she never retires.
When I do exercises it makes me a better runner. I’m even faster than my Dad and my big brother. I love Mrs. Dunn.
Your the best PE teacher I have had in my life.

Thank you Mrs. Dunn for having a positive influence!