Idaho Digital Learning Alliance

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance provides online classes for students in a traditional cohort model and as mastery-based classes. Cohort classes run similar to a normal class, with specific deadlines and a schedule that is the same for all students in a course. Mastery-based classes (known as Flex classes) allow students to proceed through content at their own pace. Students wishing to register for IDLA classes can now use Sugar-Salem’s Fast Pass code to register for online classes. To register, take the following steps:

Click here for the 2019-2020 IDLA Registration Form

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Flex Course Schedule 2019-2020

Special Information on IDLA Driver’s Education

The full IDLA Drivers Education Factsheet is here:

Driver’s Education – IDLA Factsheet

Once paid contact Brad Hansen @ (208) 313-0036 or to set up times to drive. You must complete the orientation once registered online before the class begins and pass the class with an 80% or above. You will have access to a teacher online who will set up the course and the due dates.  Mrs. Hobbs will assist in proctoring your final exam.


Any questions email Mrs. Hobbs at