Partners Who Have a Positive Influence: Jorge Orduno

Jorge Orduno

Mr. Orduno has been working devoutly for many years at Sugar-Salem and has helped us all to always be prepared for another great day and year. He is constantly busy looking for things to keep Central Elementary in good order.
We appreciate him and are so glad he is part of our school.

Quotes about Mr. O
“Jorge is great at paying attention to detail.”
“He is one of the hardest workers I know.”
“What I love about Jorge is he always finds time to fix your problem.”
Always, always he tries to do the best.”
Students comments:
“Mr. Orduno makes effort to keep the school so we don’t get diseases.” Kade H.
“He is nice. He always does a good job.” Reese H.
Sadie B. stated, “I just love how clean our school is.”
Klayton A. says, “Mr. Orduno is nice. He always says “Hi” to me.

Thanks for being such a great influence on Central Elementary students and adults Mr. O!