Mrs. Barrus Makes a Difference

Mrs. Barrus has been teaching Orchestra in the Sugar-Salem School District since 2011. Her kind approach with students is clearly paramount in guiding students to excellence in music. Read students’ comments below:

Mrs. Barrus is an amazing orchestra teacher. Her love for the music shines out of her. She is very passionate about the pieces we play. We learn so much from her. We love you Mrs. Barrus!

Mrs. Barrus has the kindest voice that teaches students in the kindest way. Every student succeeds under her direction—which helps the whole orchestra. Her legacy as a music teacher leaves students with unforgettable talents and memories.

Mrs. Barrus is a hard-working teacher and helps the students learn what they need to have a good experience in orchestra.

Things I like about Mrs. Barrus:
• Patient teacher
• Wants us to have fun
• Works with us when we don’t understand
• Implements constructive ways of teachingThank you, Mrs. Barrus, for all you do to help students embrace and find a love for music!

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