Kershaw STEM: Ramps and Gingerbread!

These guys are ready to roll!

Kershaw Intermediate is at it again! Students learning STEM have new projects from the last two weeks.

Marble Coasters

First, in Mrs. Murri’s class, students were tasked with constructing a marble roller coaster. Each track was required to have one hill, one turn, and one loop. First, students spent time watching a video to learn about “lift”. The students then had to work with their groups step-by-step, through trial and error, to create their roller coaster. Their first step was to determine the amount of lift, or in more common vernacular, energy, for their hill.

“How long do I have to stand here!”
“Just wait until new years’, Mrs. Murri needs a break from grading!

Utilizing a gravity assist from the bookshelf is certainly a bonus!

Second, they had to create their loop and determine what height worked without the marble falling out. Finally, they had to add a turn and demonstrate the coaster for the class. This was a very fun project that required patience, great group work, and a lot of experimenting.

Gingerbread Houses

But when do I get to eat it?

In Ms. Evans’ class, students had a different job: To build a gingerbread house on a budget. Students were given a virtual $20, and each item for their gingerbread house had a cost attached to it. (And you though

Hard at work preparing concrete…er…frosting.

t your holiday confections were rough!)

Students then used their budgets and their design smarts to construct a gingerbread house fit for the witch in Hansel and Gretel! Before their construction began they had to find the perimeter and areas of each side of the house. An excellent opportunity for students to sharpen their math and design skills in one fell swoop!