Mrs. Brown Makes a Difference

Margaret Brown has worked in the Sugar-Salem School District for seven years. She is one of our sweetest Sugar-Salem teachers. We love her positive attitude and ready smile. Students love her calm demeanor and especially the way she tells stories. We are happy to nominate Mrs. Brown as a Teacher who makes a Difference.

Some of her Kindergarten students said:
“She taught us how to do jobs and now we do jobs.” – J
“She makes sure we do the things we have to do.” – O
“Mrs. Brown is sooooooo nice.” – M
“We get an M & M if we get all our things done.” – O
“I like how she reads to us.” – R

Other employees have noticed:
“Margaret is so compassionate; she is a very good listener and cares about others.”
“I’ve watched her tell students the stories, and they love the way she shares her stories.”
“Mrs. Brown is so very patient and always has a smile.”

Thank you Mrs. Brown for making a difference!

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