Kershaw STEM - Roller Coasters and Sticky Finishes

Kershaw students have been expanding their STEM horizons the last couple weeks! Students in Mrs. Guymon’s 4th grade class have been busy learning about energy!!  Their mission: To discover where roller coasters get their

energy and why the first hill of a roller coaster is always the highest.  They built coaster tracks and then used marbles to test their theories.  This investigation led them to see if they could build a “Super” track that went half way around the room.  One and a half rolls of masking tape later, they were able to get marbles to make it all the way to the end, even passing through a loop and tunnels!  STEM is awesome!!

In Sari Shawcroft’s  6th grade science class, they learned about friction and how it affects motion.  They sent Matchbox cars down a ramp onto different surfaces:  wax paper, bubble wrap, quilt batting, sandpaper and carpet.  The kids measured how far the cars wen

t on each

 of the surfaces and checked whether their hypothesis were correct or not.

The learning continues!