Update: 11 February 2019

The board has narrowed down the options to two proposed calendars. Those calendars are linked below:

2019-2020 – 4-Day School Week Calendar
2019-2010 – 5-Day School Week Calendar

Below is a list of some of the differences between the calendars:

5-day Calendar 4-day Calendar
Start Date – Wednesday, Aug. 21st Start Date – Monday, Aug. 19th
Trimester Schedule Semester Schedule
3 PT Conferences/3 Report Cards 2 PT Conferences/2 Report Cards
PT Conferences for students

are early-release days

PT Conferences for students

are regular schedule days

Early release every Friday Students come 3 Fridays per year
2 week Harvest Break 2-week Harvest Break
Make-up days in June if needed Make-up days on Fridays throughout the year if needed
1 ½ week Christmas Break 2-week Christmas Break
No school on Civil Rights Day or

President’s Day

Observance of Civil Rights Day and President’s Day during school
2 Special early-out days in Year No special early-out days in Year
167 Student Days in Calendar 151 Student Days in Calendar
HS Schedule:  8:05 am – 3:02 pm HS Schedule:  8:00 am – 3:20 pm
5 classes per day at HS 7 classes per day at HS
HS Classes are 74 minutes HS classes are 56 minutes
15 total classes per year at HS 14 total classes per year at HS
End Date – Friday, June 5th End Date – Thursday, June 4th
No option for Friday School for struggling students Option for Friday School for struggling students
Extra-curricular practices take place during evenings/weekends Supports extra-curricular practice time for large groups on Fridays
No anticipated change in student or teacher attendance Anticipated increase in student and teacher attendance

Contact Information

Chester Bradshaw
208-356-8802 ext. 8102

Sugar-Salem Board Members

Kristin Galbraith – South Sugar

Doug McBride – North Sugar

Tyler Fillmore – Plano

Greg Stoddard – Salem

Whitney Crapo – Newdale/Moody