Mr. Bean Makes a Difference

Louis Bean has been selected as the teacher who makes a difference in our school district. He was chosen for his ability to connect with students and helping them increase their desire to learn and enjoy his class. Louis teaches Social Studies, U.S History, and World Geography at Sugar-Salem Junior High. Here are some things students say about Mr. Bean:

“I really enjoy that Mr. Bean shares stories with us to help us connect class content to what is occurring in the world.  He is good at explaining things with material when students have questions. Mr. Bean also does a good job with reminding students to stay on task with school work which shows that he cares about us.”

“I like that Mr. Bean explains the material for us to understand our school work. I also like that each day is different in class and is not always the same thing. One of the things I really enjoy about his class is when we do reviews for tests and quizzes. He makes them into fun games to help us remember the content.”

“I like that Mr. Bean tells jokes and makes the learning process lighthearted. I like that he makes his jokes relate to the curriculum. I like that Mr. Bean gives us time to finish our work in class and helps us study for our tests.”

Thank you Mr. Bean for making a difference in our school!

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