SSHS Students send balloon to the stratosphere. Students and Mr. Romrell endured sub-zero temperatures and frozen fingers to make the launch happen.

Students at Sugar-Salem High School have again sent a balloon up above the region of the atmosphere we live in–the troposphere–to launch a balloon up into the stratosphere. Darin Romrell, together with 14 students, designed, assembled, and launched a high-altitude balloon on February 21st. The temperatures in the area ranged from 5 below zero to 10 below zero–leading to fumbly frozen fingers while students worked to assemble and successfully launch the hard work they had put in.

This is the second balloon launched by Mr. Romrell–the previous balloon being funded by a generous grant from the Caped Foundation. Building on some of the equipment purchases and designs of that project helped enable this project–and sent the balloon to approximately 90,000 feet–10,000 feet higher than Romrell’s last balloon launch.

All went well with the launch, and this payload included a simple stabilization rig–enabled by a pool noodle attached to the rig. That utilized the principles of angular momentum to slow the rotation of the camera payload. See below for the video!