Mrs. Dye Makes a Difference

Kathy Dye is a teacher who makes a difference. This is Mrs. Dye’s second year teaching at Kershaw. Students and parents appreciate the time and effort she puts into helping her students achieve academic success.

Read some of her 6th grader’s comments below:
She is very nice and always is willing to help you when you need it! She is very positive and keeps us under control when we are being loud. She is a great example for 6th graders!!!!! We love Mrs. Dye!!!!!

Mrs. Dye is a super patient teacher. She teaches in a very creative, artsy way and makes reading fun.

I loved how she taught us how to make big paper rollercoasters. That was a really fun science experiment and definitely one of the highlights of my year.

Mrs. Dye is kind and respectful. Her good example sets a standard of how a person should be. She always goes above and beyond in making learning a great experience.

Thank you, Mrs. Dye, for making a difference!

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