Cadence Gehmlich - Partners who have a positive influence.

Cadence Gehmlich is in her second year at Kershaw Intermediate School as the librarian and has been a positive influence on both students and staff. She has worked hard to make the library a focal point of the school and to encourage students to read. Students love going to the library, checking out books, and immersing themselves in a good book. She is always positive with students and develops good relationships with all the Kershaw students that makes them feel comfortable in the library.

Cadence was instrumental in helping us redesign our library this year. She went above and beyond taking books in and out, painting, and then reorganizing books. She constantly is looking for grants and the Kershaw library has been the beneficiary of her grant writing skills. This past school year she researched several keyboarding programs and has implemented one of them this school year. We’ve seen significant gains in student keyboarding skills this school year thanks to her efforts and leadership.

Thanks for having a positive influence Cadence!