Spanish Classes available for the 2019-2020 school year!

We have some exciting news! The high school now has a full time Spanish teacher coming this Fall. If you are interested in taking Spanish classes throughout high school and would like to take them next year please email Mrs. Hobbs or Mrs. Saunders. If you are wanting to take Spanish I A you must also take I B in the same school year. You may take Spanish I this year and advance to Spanish 2 next school year 2020-2021. If you are interested in World Languages we will also be offering 3 sections of that course. All courses count as humanities credits and Spanish is NCAA approved. Please see the course description below and email the counselors if you have any questions. When you email us please let us know 2 electives you are willing to drop to add Spanish. Thank you!

Spanish I

Prerequisite: C or above in English

This two-trimester course is designed to acquaint students with the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish within a limited scope.  The focus is communication in Spanish, incorporating understanding of Hispanic cultures, connecting with other disciplines, comparing native language to Spanish, and participating in multicultural communities.  This course provides practice in correct use of basic vocabulary and language structures to enable students to function effectively within realistic settings.  Spanish IA and IB will each fulfill one of the elective credits required for graduation and should be taken sequentially.  Class will be conducted primarily in Spanish with the goal of helping each student become a competent communicator.

World Language Exploration

Prerequisite: None

This 1 trimester course is an exploratory program to introduce students to multiple foreign languages, with a few language skills expected.  Children receive paramount benefit not so much from the particular language chosen for instruction, but from the experience and process of learning various languages and studying their cultures. This experience develops the intellectual flexibility necessary for future study of languages other than English.