Mr. Harrison Makes a Difference

This is Mr. Harrison’s fifteenth year teaching in Sugar-Salem School District. Clearly, his priority is to guide his students to success. His students appreciate all he does for them.

Read students comments below:
He is “way good” at math. He is honest and funny!

Mr. Harrison is someone who helps you with any homework you have. He will always make you laugh.

I like Mr. Harrison the best because he explained things to me. Also, he was so chill and he never got mad at us. He will always help you if you ask.

Mr. Harrison is really nice. He will always help you, and when you get something wrong or do something bad on a test, you get to redo it. He is such a great teacher.

Mr. Harrison is a really nice guy because he does a lot of nice things for students. He loves all of his classes and treats all his students really well. He is a great teacher because he tries his hardest to teach the kids how to do math and social studies.

Way to go Mr. Harrison! We appreciate your devotion to the students at Sugar-Salem Jr. High School. Thank you!

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