Ms. Evans Makes a Difference

Leslie Evans makes a difference for her students. This is Leslie Evans 3rd year teaching in the Sugar-Salem School District. She is currently teaching STEM at Kershaw and the Jr. High School.

Read students’ comments below:

She is always so happy to be here and does super fun activities. She does an awesome job being my sign language teacher. She does so much for all of us in her class.

She is enthusiastic when teaching new things…always made it very clear that she loves each of her students.

She has a great love for all of her students and gives extra attention to everyone. I loved learning the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language. She has a creative and fun way of teaching programs such as the “Great American Challenge”.

She is always there for us when we needed extra help getting our work done–funny sense of humor making class time enjoyable.

Thank you Mrs. Evans for all you do to make a difference in the classroom and success of your students!

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