Mrs. Davenport Makes a Difference

This is Mrs. Davenport’s first year as a teacher at Sugar-Salem High School. She came to us after teaching twelve years in Rigby. We are so pleased to have her in our district. Read the following students’ comments:

Mrs. Davenport makes her class fun. When she does any assignments, she always factors in how the student feels. When I had her class, it was the first time I had ever looked forward to an English class.

Mrs. Davenport is really funny, and she is really loud! She likes to show her personality. I like the way she teachers. Her room is decorated with unicorns, and she has a pet lizard. She is a very funny and cool teacher to have!

I like that Mrs. Davenport is so funny and has a wonderful personality! She’s a good teacher that everyone loves, and she has lots of unicorns!

I like that she has unicorns. She screams in class—it’s funny! She has a great personality. She is nice and helps you with your work.

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