Mr. Westfall Makes a Difference

Mr. Westfall teaches at Sugar-Salem Junior High and has been selected as Teacher who makes a Difference. This is Mr. Westfall’s sixth year teaching in Sugar-Salem School District. He currently teaches seventh and eighth grade Social Studies and also taught a seventh grade Computers class this year.

Read the following students’ comments about Mr. Westfall:

“I really enjoyed Mr. Westfall’s class. He is nice, funny, and is really chill. He has pictures and jokes that are in his class that make the environment fun to learn.”

“Mr. Westfall is a great teacher, he is nice, calm, and makes time for goofing around. He knows how to balance between getting work done and having a stress free class.”

“Mr. Westfall creates a fun atmosphere for learning. He also gives everybody a chance in his class rather than just overlooking people.”

“I really like Mr. Westfall’s class because I understand the way he teaches. I also like that he can bring humor into his teaching which makes his class fun.”

Students enjoy learning and being a part of your class. Thank you Mr. Westfall for making a difference!

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