Grading Policy Changes Due to Covid-19

On Wednesday, May 13th, the school board approved several modifications to grading policies. Use the documents below to understand how this will affect students at each school.

Traditionally, the adopted grading system has been a letter grade of A, B, C, D and F.  For this third trimester only, Sugar-Salem school district will be using this grading system:

  • Students who have earned an A, A-, B+, B, or B- will keep that grade on their report card.
  • Students who have earned a C or D will receive a “Pass” unless the student or parent specifically requests a letter grade. (This may have implications for students intending to participate in Division I or Division II athletics, see the letter from Mr. Jenks below.)
  • Students who earned an F for the Junior High or High School and also do not intend to make up sufficient work before June 4th to pass will receive an NC grade. Required classes that receive an NC grade must still be made up in future school terms. Junior High students must still pass 16 out of 18 courses to advance.
  • I – Incomplete – Students who have not passed a course but would like to make up the work by June 4th have the opportunity to do so. See the letter from Mr. Williams at the Kershaw and Mr. Jenks for how incomplete grades will be handled.

Central Elementary will also be following the grading policy but will be utilizing adopted rubrics to reflect the changes to online education this term.

Mr. Jenks at the high school and Mr. Williams at Kershaw provided letters with further details. Read those below.

High School Covid-19 Grade Information

Kershaw Covid-19 Grade Information