Mrs. Harrell Makes a Difference

Cindy Harrell is a “Teacher Who Makes a Difference” at Central. This is Cindy’s 8th year teaching in the Sugar-Salem School District. She is a compassionate and caring teacher. She goes the extra mile to help her students succeed. Mrs. H seeks ways to understand each child’s needs and follow through. Read what students had to say about Mrs. Harrell below:

“Mrs Harrell helped homework to be easy. When we did school online she helped me, just me to know how to do the computer.”

“She isn’t pushy about things and was always nice to everyone.”

“We did our work and if we did it all done we got to have a popcorn party.”

“When science was done we could have time to try the things.”

Way to go Mrs. Harrell! We appreciate your devotion to the students at Central Elementary. Thank you!

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