Miss Jensen Makes a Difference

Miss Jensen was hired in 2012. She currently teaches 3 levels of Special Education Language Arts and a Special Education Social Studies course at Sugar-Salem High School. It is clear that Miss Jensen has a big heart and is loved by her students.

Read student responses below:

One student said Miss Jensen is “always nice and really understands and tries to help when I have a problem. She is always willing to show support with a hug or kind words. She tries to help me with my school work.”

Another student shared that he likes Miss Jensen’s sense of humor.  “She is sarcastic and fun. She makes sure you get your work done and doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer–she doesn’t let you quit or give up.  I can tell she believes in me.”

Another student shared that Miss Jensen is nice, a good teacher, and knows what she is doing.

Lastly, a student shared that she knows Miss Jensen wants everyone to be successful. She cares and is very helpful. This student also shared that Mrs. Jensen “can do anything.”

Way to go Miss Jensen! We appreciate your devotion to the students at Sugar-Salem Jr. High School. Thank you!

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