State Football Championship VS Homedale

On Saturday, November 21st at 12:00 PM Sugar-Salem Football will be playing Homedale in the state championship game at Middleton High School. Ticketing and attendance information is not available at this time, but will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Video and audio streaming will be available through NFHS and, links below:

Fan Attendance Information

Middleton High School has provided the following information as requirements for game attendance:

Masks: Bring a mask and please wear it whenever social distancing is not an option. For example, in ticket lines, restrooms, or any other crowded/community areas.

Bleachers: Please sit in designated areas–marked with “sit here” sheets. Maintain social distancing in the stands unless with family members. The stadium will have plenty of space to spread out in.

Concessions: Concessions will not be open. Fans are allowed to bring in water/coffee and limited snacks. No alcohol allowed on school grounds, and please clean up after. Trash cans will be available.

Entry: Sugar-Salem fans should line up along the sidewalk near the building for entry.

Exit: After trophy presentations fans must immediately leave the stadium. Fans may not stay and talk to players in the stadium. Sugar-Salem fans will exit out of the Southwest gate.

Post-Game: Fans can meet their teams near their respective locker rooms. Sugar’s locker room is nearest the team lot.

Click here to view the parking map provided by Middleton High School.

Click to view the map of entry line and other areas around the stadium.