Aaron Vang has been working at Central Elementary for two years. Despite having only been there for two years he is making a terrific difference in Central students. Aaron teaches computer skills, and does a fantastic job keeping kids on task, helping them learn to use computers correctly, and helping teachers keep up with critical formative assessment through iStation. He is a great person to have as part of the Digger team!
Some things students have said about Mr. Vang:
“Mr. Vang is great at teaching us how to type. He is nice”
“I like when Mr. Vang does the “Wake up call” to start our computer lessons!”
“Mr. Vang is nice. I like how he teaches us a lot about computers.”
“He will let us play learning games on the computer if we get all our work stuff done!”
Thank you Mr. Vang for doing a super job with our Central Elementary students. They are more technologically capable because of you!