Mrs. Chase Makes a Difference

Ellon Chase is a “Teacher Who Makes a Difference” at Kershaw Intermediate School.  This is Mrs. Chase’s 6th year teaching Special Education.  She is a talented, dedicated, and caring teacher.  She works hard to ensure that all her students are successful and that they have learning experiences that push their present level of performance.  She diligently works to ensure that each child’s academic and behavioral needs are met.  She elevates all of us at Kershaw Intermediate School to do better and be better.

Read student comments below:

“She always knows what to say and do to calm a student down and make them feel comfortable.”

“She’s really nice and respectful and understands us really well.”

“She’s a really good friend and has a smile that always cheers everybody up.”

“She helps a lot of people with a lot of stuff.”

“She is helpful and nice and helps me with the work I need to finish.”

Thanks so much! We appreciate all you do to make a difference.

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