Mrs. Singleton Makes a Difference

Sheri Singleton is a “Teacher Who Makes a Difference” at Kershaw Intermediate School. This is Mrs. Singleton’s 23rd year teaching in the Sugar-Salem School District, and she teaches 6th grade Math. She is an organized, dedicated, and caring teacher. She is a huge part of our school and works tirelessly to help each student be successful. She sees the best in her students and works to help each of them reach their full potential. She makes a positive difference in student lives by inspiring them to never stop learning and to always try to improve.

I asked several students, “What do you like about Mrs. Singleton?”

“She’s really nice and patient.”

“She’s really nice and good.”

“She teaches well.”

“She has a good rhythm of how she does things.”

“She’s nice and doesn’t give us too much homework.”

“She helps us with work a lot.”

Thank you so much, Mrs. Singleton! You make a difference! 😊

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