Louise Ricks Makes a Difference

Mrs. Ricks started working for Sugar-Salem School District in January of 2003. She worked as a one-on-one aide and as a Special Education resource assistant for the first 5 years. In the fall of 2007, she began working as a Title I paraprofessional and has been working in that position to this day. This is her 14th year working in Title I and her 19th year overall working in the Sugar-Salem School District.

Mrs. Ricks has many qualities and standards that set her apart. First and foremost, she is a hard worker. She counts as three or four or more working adults. She is always moving and always working to help our students have meaningful learning experiences. She sees things that need to be done and has the skill and work ethic to dig in and get it done. She is consistently patient and kind to both students and staff.

She sees people. And she sees the best in people while working to help her students reach their highest potential. She encourages students in a positive way which helps motivate them to try harder and accomplish more. She isn’t able to leave work at work. She thinks about her students at home and problem solves at home how to reach students in positive ways at school. Her high level or organization and her ability to strongly communicate with students and staff are a couple more of her strong suits. To try to capture all that she does seems almost impossible, but maybe simply knowing that she genuinely loves and cares for students would give people a general idea of her absolute value to our school. Overall, she is one of the most dedicated, talented staff members to have ever worked in our school district. Our community, school and especially our kids are fortunate to have her on our team.

Thanks, Louise!!! You’re simply the best!

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