Mrs. Robinson Makes a Difference

Nancy Robinson

Nancy Robinson has been teaching at Sugar-Salem High School for twelve years. She teaches Speech, English, and Drama. She is an interactive, hard-working, and kind teacher who helps her students learn not only the basics of English, but how to excel. She gives her all for the plays, whether that be directing, painting the set, helping with costumes, or consoling a stressed-out student. She ensures that students have a chance at leadership and creativity even when it makes her life more difficult. The plays her department puts on are excellent and appreciated by not only those who participate, but the students and community as well.

Read students’ comments below:

–“I think she’s good at driving us to work hard and make unforgettable shows, and she is hilarious!”

–“She’s really good at keeping us on task and making sure we’re being productive and not wasting time.”

–“She is very ambitious and knows her craft very well. She’s often very misunderstood but if you really pay attention in her classes about things she has to say, you would be very impressed at the amount of experience and advice she has.”

–“Mrs. Robinson is amazing! She is super intelligent and really knows what she’s doing. She’s very passionate about theater and drama, as well as her students and her family. If you really get to know her, it will definitely change your life for the better!”

–“She treats everyone equally and is very fair with us.”

–“She’s very confident with who she is and her knowledge. That really translates into her teaching.”

Thank you, Mrs. Robinson, for making a difference!

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