Mrs. Mecham Makes a Difference

Caudia Mecham

Claudia Mecham has been teaching at Sugar-Salem High School for seven years. She is the History Department Head along with teaching Government, U.S. History, and Holocaust. Her classes are interesting and interactive. When in her class, you don’t just learn history, you experience it as well. Mrs. Mecham pours her heart and soul into her job, ensuring that both students and faculty know that they are loved and respected. She will truly be missed when she retires this year. Thank you, Mrs. Mecham, for making an immense difference.

When I was sick, Mrs. Mecham brought my assignments and final to my house so I was able to pass the class.

You know that she cares about you and truly wants you to succeed.

She is always willing to help.

She makes you feel welcome.

I have only been in her history class for one day, but she is honestly one of the most amazing teachers/people I have ever met.

I can tell that being in her class is going to be amazing.

I can tell she loves what she does, and I can’t wait to spend more time in her class!

I’m going to miss her so much, the school will never be the same.

I’m so glad I got to have her before she left.

She positively impacted my life in such a huge way.

She’s going to be like a legend, kids will hear about how awesome she was.

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