Mrs. Hunt Makes a Difference

Karen Hunt is currently in her third year at Sugar-Salem High School. She is an incredibly hard-working and kind individual that truly cares about all students. She is one of the main reasons that our school runs as smoothly as it does. This is due in large part to her dedication, patience, and kindness when it comes to navigating the chaos that is the school year.

Students have said the following about Mrs. Hunt:

You always know she cares about you and will do what she can to help you.

She’s got the best energy!

She’s the best at knitting!

She’s so bubbly, happy, and friendly!

I’ve never seen her in a bad mood, she’s so positive.

Nobody can make me laugh like she can.

She is always so helpful, I love having her here!

She is always so kind and willing to talk at any time!

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