Mr. Carlile Makes a Difference

Chad CarlileChad Carlile is currently in his first year of teaching Computer Class at Sugar-Salem Junior High. He is a patient teacher who takes the time to make sure that his students are truly understanding what is being taught. He works hard to create a safe space where students are able to learn and apply new concepts and techniques. Students appreciate how knowledgeable he is in his field and his willingness to share his knowledge.

Students have said the following about Mr. Carlile:

He is very patient and kind.

He knows that we are just beginning to learn.

He gives directions that are easy to understand.

He is always dependable.

He checks in with us to make sure we’re doing okay.

He makes learning computers fun!

He is always willing to help.

He really cares about us and wants us to have fun.

Thank you Mr. Carlile, for making a difference!

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