Mr. Parker Makes a Difference

Mr. Parker is in his 3rd year teaching Spanish at Sugar-Salem High School. He works hard to give students life-long skills that will help in many aspects of their lives in the future. Students are encouraged to be their best selves in Mr. Parker’s class. He expects students to put in the hard work necessary to not only learn a second language, but to learn it well. He gives practical experiences that help students realize the fluency needed to communicate well. Thank you Mr. Parker, for truly making a difference.

Students have said the following about Mr. Parker:

You know he really cares about you.

He lets you guide the lesson so you can learn what you want to.

He encourages us to be our best selves.

I love all the different choices he gives us for assignments.

He is so kind!

He’s always willing to help us.

He’s really good at showing that he views us as individuals, not just a class.

He speaks in Spanish most of the time, so we learn fast.

He actively teaches the class, so it’s easy to be interested.

I love that he tells us why we’re doing something so we get a better foundation.

His class is so fun!

He teaches us functional Spanish so we can actually use it in real life.

Thank you Mr. Parker for making a difference.

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