Partners Who Have a Positive Influence: Kathy Nielson

As they enter the building, visitors to Sugar-Salem Junior High have the pleasure of an enthusiastic “Hello” and a welcoming smile from Mrs. Kathy Nielson, our office secretary. Mrs. Nielson has been helping junior high students work through their myriad of daily problems for more than 20 years. Her positivity and understanding of [...]

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2017-2018 School Supply Lists

The following are the supply lists for Sugar Salem School District for the 2017/2018 school year. While we are willing and able to provide all consumable school supplies for each student, you may show your support for our schools by bringing supplies from home. If you choose, we would happily accept a $25 donation [...]

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Mr. Bean’s U.S. History Class Tours Flight Museum

​Last week Mr. Bean's U.S. History class had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Legacy Flight Museum. The tour was up close and personal with many of the plans, and the students were able to hear about the different stories each plane had, and how it had a part in our country's history.

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SSJHS Poetry Week

SSJHS Poetry Week Sugar-Salem Junior High had a poetry week where the teachers worked together to do a cross-curriculum activity of applying poetry into every class, whether it was Math, Social Studies, P.E, or Language Arts. At the end of that time, students were provided with the opportunity to create [...]

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Mrs. Orme Wins Teacher of the Year

>Mrs. Orme graduated from Madison High School, Ricks College, and Idaho State University. She began her career at Sugar-Salem Junior High working as the librarian. For the past seventeen years, she has taught 8th grade Language Arts...

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Sugar-Salem Junior High Kicks Off Hello Week

Sugar Salem Jr. High kicked off "Say Hello Week" with the student council and teachers welcoming kids to school Monday morning. They are working with Madison Cares to help students start off the day with a smile. This is a project that will involve student participation all week long, as they work on "Random Acts of Kindness" throughout the week, as well as "No One Sits Alone" at lunch on Friday.

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Hello Week Begins!

Hello Week Begins! Our Parent Advisory Group has teamed up with Madison Cares to bring a new campaign to our schools and community. Start With Hello Week is a national movement and we are excited to be able to bring it to Sugar schools Feb. 6-10. The goal of the [...]

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