Tax Impact Calculator

Use the calculator below to find the approximate tax impact of the proposed bond on your taxes (residential, commercial, or agricultural property).

Step 1: Obtain a copy of your current tax statement.

sample property tax statement

Step 2: Input your "Net Taxable Property Value" in the calculator below.

(1) Net Taxable Value of your property is provided by the Madison or Fremont County Assessor’s office.  The valuation can be found on your tax statement from the County.  This is applicable for both residential properties and agricultural land owners.

(2) Each owner-occupied primary residence (house or manufactured home) and up to one acre of land is eligible for a homeowner’s exemption.  This exemption allows 50% of the value of a home, including up to one acre of land, to be exempted, up to a maximum exemption amount of $100,000 for Tax Year 2019 and after.