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DateOpponentH/AKickoff TimeReleased from SchoolDeparture
8/6/181st Practice
8/22/18Idaho Falls (C-Team)A7pm5:00 pm
8/24/18Declo (JV)A4pm12:00pm12:15pm
8/24/18Declo (Varsity)A7pm12:00pm12:15pm
8/30/18Snake River (C-Team)A5pm1:45pm2:00pm
8/30/18Snake River (JV)A4pm1:45pm2:00pm
8/31/18Snake River (Varsity)H7pm
9/6/18Star Valley (JV)A6pm1:45pm2:00pm
9/7/18Star Valley (C-Team)H4pm
9/7/18Star Valley (Varsity)H7pm
9/13/18Marsh Valley (JV) *CANCELLED*A5pm1:45pm2:00pm
9/14/18Homecoming: Marsh Valley (C-Team/JV)H4pm
9/14/18Homecoming: Marsh Valley (Varsity)H7pm
9/20/18West Jefferson (C-Team)A6pm
9/20/18American Falls (JV)H6pm
9/21/18American Falls (V)A7pm3:30pm
10/4/18Firth (C-Team)H5pm
10/5/18Teton (JV)H4pm
10/5/18Teton (Varsity)H7pm
10/11/18Snake River (C-Team)H6pm
10/12/18South Fremont (JV)A4pm2:15pm2:30pm
10/12/18South Fremont (Varsity)A7pm2:15pm2:30pm
10/19/18Parma (JV)A4pm8:00am
10/19/18Parma (Varsity)A7pm8:00am
State Playoffs (TBA)

Last updated: 2018-09-13 10:38:27

  • If there are not full C-teams:
    • JV will play at 4pm on the same day previous to the varsity game.
    • C-Team will play 2 quarters immediately following the JV games.
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