We intend to provide total quality education by structuring the educational environment for student success.

Central Elementary, in partnership with the community, is committed to provide an educational environment where teaching and learning can respond constructively in a changing society. We realize the importance of keeping the technological experiences of our students as current as possible. We emphasize demonstrable lifelong skills, knowledge and values that develop responsible and contributing members of society.

We at Central Elementary seek an appropriate, positive, and safe climate in which to abide. All associated with our school (families, visitors, students, and employees) temper our climate. Therefore, each member of our school community will treat each other with kindness, dignity and respect.

  • Our school fosters a positive attitude toward life-long learning.
  • Developing a student’s full potential is a shared responsibility of the student, family, school and community, each actively participating.
  • The recognition of success promotes the desire for future success.
  • All can learn but may learn in different ways.
  • We recognize the inescapable relationship between our example and our influence on others.
  • Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are important aspects of learning.
  • In order to foster positive self-image, it is more important to address individuals needs rather than programs.